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Creative Fashion Design/ Photography/Styling by Jessica Louise

Photographer / Designer

Jessica Louise

Enjoy it. Destroy it.

Jessica Louise is a Los Angeles Fashion Designer / Artist / Photographer based in Downtown LA since 2004.

My interest in photography began at a fairly young age. Before I entered high school I had my own darkroom set up, which developed into personal projects, photographing bands and friends in my local community( Santa Cruz, CA) and around the bay area.
I did some freelance photography for local and national publications, mainly underground zines and music related.
I have continued to love photography and creating images although It has never been my main focus. Only just in the past couple of years have I really been doing any sort of photography on a constant basis.In almost all cases it has been for my own personal projects.
I started photographing my fashion and design work and It has rapidly developed into an ongoing expanding project series. I decided I love most especially shooting environmental artist/ creatives portraits and that is what I will be focusing on for 2017.
Basically I built this site to separate my photography from my design work .Even though they are and always will be married, I wanted to have an outlet for my other projects as well. So here it is, this site is just me sharing my photography work with whoever would like to view it.
Thanks for looking.
Lots of love,


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